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Corona Virus Information – Update 13 Jan 2021

Hylands visitors invited to take part in parking fee consultation – Posted 17 Feb 2021

Community Governance Review – Posted 20 Jan 2021

There are two main aspects to the review: (a) should the 38% currently without local representation have a change (e.g. set up community/parish council or an alternative such as area committees), or remain as they are; and (b) are changes needed to existing parishes.

Essex Fraud Alert – Covid 19 related scams

Free Walks in Essex

Recent planning applications

Traffic Announcements – Feb 14 2021

Bus Services – Service 13A (Chelmsford – Wickford) – new route in Ramsden heath




Coronavirus testing Centres in Chelmsford

New Covid-19 testing centres are opening in Chelmsford for people who feel well and have no coronavirus symptoms. These centres are trying to find hidden cases in the Chelmsford area to help stop the spread of the virus in our city.

What: A new rapid testing centre in the city centre for people with no symptoms. These tests give results in around 30 minutes but if you test positive, you’ll likely to be asked to take PCR test which is sent off to a lab to confirm your result.

Who: These are for people who DO NOT have symptoms of Covid-19, with a particular focus on  those in the Chelmsford area who cannot work from home and their families.

Where: At the Central Baptist Church, Victoria Road South, Chelmsford, CM1 1LN. Details of how to access the site and nearby parking will be available upon booking.

How to book: Tests are by appointment only and are best booked online here. If you’re not able to book online, you can call 0333 772 6144 to arrange an appointment. Lines are open from 8am to 8pm every day, including weekends. You can also email: and a member of staff will contact you to arrange an appointment.

What: A new take-home testing site is also opening in Chelmsford with test kits available to be collected and then done at home. Swabs are sent to a lab and you’ll be contacted by the NHS Test and Trace team with your result. Once again, this centre is also ONLY for people with no symptoms.

Who: These tests are also aimed at symptomless people in the Chelmsford area who can’t work from home but nobody who arrives for a test and is asymptomatic will be turned away while stocks are available.

Where: The Cramphorn Studio entrance of Chelmsford City Theatres, Fairfield Road, Chelmsford,  CM1 1JG. This site will be open between 11am and 3pm, Monday to Friday and parking is available close by at the Fairfield Road car park.

How: You don’t need to book –simply turn up while this centre is open and collect a kit for yourself and any immediate family members who may need them. These tests are particularly useful if you can’t work from home and find it difficult to make a specific appointment. Just pick up your kit, do the test at home and drop it back to the collection point in the theatre.

  • If you have any symptoms of Covid-19 then you must use the NHS testing system to book a test in the usual way.
  • If you are required to self-isolate because of contact with someone with the virus, but you receive a negative test, you should still self-isolate for the entire period that you have been asked to do so.
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The Government has announced that most of Essex is to move to tier 4 – the highest level of alert. It comes in response to concern around the high number of infections across the county driven by the new variant of the virus.

All parts of Essex which were previously tier 3 will move into tier 4 from midnight tonight.

Under the new tier 4 restrictions, non-essential retail and personal care settings must close. People must work at home wherever possible, stay local and must not travel to enter or leave a tier 4 area.

Additionally, there is to be no mixing outside the household for Christmas and New Year, although support bubbles will remain in place.

Areas of Essex which remain in tier 2 (Colchester, Tendring and Uttlesford) are urged not to let down their guard and will also see changes over the Christmas period with no more than one household now able to mix and for one day only.

We will work through the detail on what this means for the residents and businesses of Essex and share additional updates as soon as it is available. Information on Covid-19 can be found at

Please continue to follow the restrictions in place. Wash your hands regularly, wear a face covering in public spaces and keep your distance from people outside of your household.

The restrictions will be reviewed on 30 December.

Last updated 19 December 2020


Track and trace App Launch

As you may have heard, the Government’s new contract tracing app is launching in the fight against Covid-19 on Thursday this week.

The app, once downloaded and activated on your smartphone, will log when you are in close proximity to other people and, in the event that they test positive for Covid-19, will alert you. It can also inform you of the current risk level in your neighbourhood.

You can check in to public locations, such as restaurants, by scanning a QR code which businesses can display close to the entrance.

It’s important to note that the app doesn’t collect personal data, and it doesn’t publish where you’ve been or what you’ve been up to. You can switch it on and off by using Bluetooth on your phone.

It is recommended that everyone in the country who owns a smartphone should download the app. This will help to keep yourselves and others safe in the event that you are exposed to Covid-19. The quicker you know, the quicker you can self-isolate and protect other people – and the quickest way to know is by using the app.

As elected Members of the Council, we ask that you please help us to encourage residents to download the app from Thursday onwards, when it becomes available. The information collected will enable us and our partners to respond more quickly to potential outbreaks, reducing the likelihood of wider lockdowns. The app will be downloadable from the Google Play or Apple stores by searching ‘NHS COVID-19 app’.

The Government has also said that certain businesses in tourism, leisure, hospitality or close contact industries such as hairdressing must display QR code posters from Thursday onwards. This also applies to village halls and the Council’s own public facilities. It does not apply to staff. Please help local businesses in your wards by letting them know about this through any social media channels or newsletters that you have. The QR code posters can be generated using this link:

Please note that for those who don’t have a smartphone, alternative contact tracing methods such as pen-and-paper logbooks will be in place in every venue. However, use of the app is encouraged.

FAQs about the app can be found on the NHS website here:
FAQs about the QR posters can be found here:


19 March 2020

Dear Resident,

I am writing to advise that in conjunction with the Parish Council, a group of residents have kindly offered their services to deliver food parcels and collect medication from pharmacies for anyone who needs help within the Parish during these worrying times.

We are working with local stores to deliver essential grocery packs, such as bread, milk, tea, toilet roll, tissues, eggs, soup, biscuits etc…..  These packs will cost £20 and £30.  We will also try to cater for food allergies. 

All initial communication will be made via myself, and if you require any assistance, I will filter this through to the volunteer who resides nearer to your home.  We have a total of 30 volunteers covering all three wards, Ramsden Heath, Downham and South Hanningfield.

The volunteers will also be available via telephone, should you wish to contact them directly.  We are currently seeing if we can purchase some I.D for the volunteers, if this is not possible within the time frame, they will be supplied with my business card.

If this is a service you feel you would like to use, please contact me on 07985-430365, as I may be working from home and not from the Parish Office.

I would also advise that Hall & Co, Hemming Stores Too and the Fox & Hounds are currently offering a delivery service.

If the above is not a service you would use, but you need help or assistance of another nature, please do not hesitate to contact me and we will try to help.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Julie Moule

Clerk to the Council

South Hanningfield Parish Council

Have your say over neighbourhood issues and local councils in Chelmsford

A review is underway of the most local level of decision-making in the Chelmsford area. Chelmsford City Council wants to hear your views, as part of what is called a Community Governance Review.

62% of the population across the Chelmsford district have a parish or town council, as well as Chelmsford City Council and Essex County Council. The other 38% (within the urban centre of the city) do not have that very local voice.

There are two main aspects to the review: (a) should the 38% currently without local representation have a change (e.g. set up community/parish council or an alternative such as area committees), or remain as they are; and (b) are changes needed to existing parishes.

Boundaries of existing local councils may need to change, especially in areas which have seen a great deal of development that may have crossed boundaries. For these reasons, the City Council is carrying out public consultation from Monday 18 January to Thursday 18 March 2021. Have your say at Information about the different parishes, including an interactive map, can be found

Leader of Chelmsford City Council, Councillor Stephen Robinson, said “If you want to change things, especially within your own neighbourhood, it’s vital to get involved and tell those in power what you want. If you think that we could change or improve your parish arrangements, please take part in this consultation and make your voice heard.”

He added “As well as the opportunity to have your say via the online survey, all residents living within the Chelmsford City area will also receive an information leaflet and paper survey through their letterboxes over the coming weeks, to allow them to return their feedback by means of a free postal address.”

Chelmsford City Council will consider the results of the consultation and a report will be put before the Full Council in July 2021, to decide upon the next stage of the review process. All completed responses must be received no later than Thursday 18 March. The Council is required to carry out such a review periodically, but has not done so for very many years.

Hylands visitors invited to take part in parking consultation

Chelmsford residents and other visitors to Hylands Estate are now being asked for their views on how parking charges will be implemented at the historic venue. Chelmsford City Council is proposing charges at the estate’s three car parks (with effect from this summer) after the pandemic left a £3 million hole in the council’s finances this coming year, with a further shortfall in future.

The charges will not start until this summer, so there is time for residents to feed in views about the way in which they will be implemented. They will bring Hylands Estate into line with most other country parks in Essex, the majority of which already ask visitors to pay for parking.

Under the proposals, residents of the Chelmsford City Council area will be entitled to a 40% parking discount, with a daily charge limited to £3. Visitors from outside the city (who do not contribute to the upkeep of the park through their council tax) will be expected to pay a higher rate of £5.

Chelmsford residents will be able to sign up for a season ticket to obtain a further discount, and residents receiving council tax support and Blue Badge holders will not have to pay.

Hylands Estate is one of the region’s main attractions and, at 574 acres, the largest park in Chelmsford. Each year, the net cost to the city’s taxpayers is around £520,000 (even after income) for the famous grade II* listed site, which includes ancient woodlands, wetlands, ornate pleasure gardens and award-winning play areas.

The City Council is conscious of the possible impact on parking in Writtle and nearby roads and will consult directly with Writtle Parish Council and residents.

Chelmsford City Council Leader, Cllr Stephen Robinson, said, “The profound impact of Covid-19 on the finances of every single council has forced a complete rethink of council budgets. Chelmsford City Council relies on service fees and charges more than many councils and so has been hit harder than many by income vanishing from car parks, events, theatre and leisure centres.

“It is also unfair that thousands of visitors from outside Chelmsford contribute nothing to the running of Hylands House and Park. Car park charging will ensure, for the first time, that they do contribute to the running of this magnificent destination.”

“Proposing parking charges at Hylands isn’t a conversation we expected to be having a year ago and is not something we do lightly. However, the pandemic has left us with few options. When preparing the coming year’s budget, we were facing a £7.55 million shortfall.

“Even with extra funding from central government, Council income remains £3 million short for 2021-22, with similar challenges for future years’ budgets.”

The Council’s consultation on how to implement charges for parking at Hylands will run for the next four weeks and anyone who visits the park is eligible to take part, even if they live outside the city. The survey aims to find out more about how and when people use the estate and will allow preferences for options, such as season tickets for frequent park users, to be recorded.

Cllr Robinson says it’s an important opportunity to contribute to these plans:

“It’s a difficult time for everyone and we know these proposals have already prompted much discussion. The aim of the survey is to ensure that future parking charges will be fair, while also considering the need to raise income to protect park maintenance and other key services, like bin collection and street sweeping.

“Please fill in the survey – it’s a chance to have your say. We can’t wish away the budget pressures forced upon us by coronavirus, but your responses can shape what’s coming in the future.”

The Council has proposed to introduce parking charges at Hylands Estate as part of its budget for 2021/2 which will be put to Full Council on 24 February. The Hylands Estate car parking consultation will be open until 16 March:

The consultation

  • Residents of Chelmsford and visitors to Hylands Estate who do not live in the area may take part in this consultation. It is available online at:
  • It’s easiest to fill this out online but anyone who cannot take part this way can download a printable version here: Details of how to send printed copies to us via FREEPOST can be found at the end of the document. Copies can also be collected from The Stables visitor centre at Hylands Estate.
  • The consultation will run until 16 March 2021

The impact of coronavirus

  • The council is proposing these charges to protect essential services, including the city’s parks. Chelmsford City Council has experienced big financial losses as a result of the pandemic and despite funding from central government, a £3 million shortfall remains for the coming year, on top of the shortfall in the current year. Pressure on the council’s budget as well as uncertainties on future income brought about by Covid-19 are expected to continue beyond the next financial year
  • Although Chelmsford City Council collects all the city’s council tax, it only keeps 11%. Most of its income comes from other sources, such as leisure centres, events, theatres and parking. Lost income from these areas during the pandemic and increasing costs from benefit claims and homelessness has led to this shortfall in the council’s budget
  • Chelmsford City Council can only raise council tax by £4.95 a year for 2021/22, which only raises £350,000, so other measures are required
  • The council is pledging to freeze parking fees in the city centre in 2021/22 to support the high street and independent retailers

About Hylands Estate and Chelmsford City Parks

  • Chelmsford City Council parks are vital and much-loved parts of our city, but they cost substantial sums to run. This proposal will make a significant contribution towards their maintenance and management, allowing green spaces like Hylands Estate to continue to thrive and key services in the city to be protected
  • Although the commercial parts of Hylands Estate such as Hylands House and The Stables generate income, the wider park and facilities cost a net £520,000 every year even after allowing for income in a normal year
  • Currently these costs are borne by every Chelmsford taxpayer. The scheme will, for the first time, ensure non-residents contribute to the park’s upkeep
  • These changes bring Hylands Estate into line with most other country parks in Essex, which have been charging for parking for some time

Essex Fraud Alert – Covid Related Scams

Essex Fraud Alert


Free Walks in Essex

Have a look at Walking in Essex (  which has hundreds of FREE walks to download and print plus details of all the walking clubs in the country and loads more information.

<a href=>Walking in Essex</a> Hundreds of FREE walks to download, details of all the books, maps and walking groups in the county


Recent Planning Applications



Traffic Announcements

Temporary Traffic Regulation Order of Hawkswood Road, Chelmsford

Please click on the following link to find details of the intended closure of Hawkswood Road, due to commence on 17th February 2021 for 1 day. The closure is required for the safety of the public and workforce while BT undertakes overhead cabling.

Temporary Traffic Regulation Order of South Hanningfield Road, Chelmsford

Please click on the following link to find details of the intended closure of South Hanningfield Road, due to commence on 18th February 2021 for 1 day. The closure is required for the safety of the public and workforce while BT undertakes pole testing works

Temporary Traffic Regulation Order of Church Road, Chelmsford

Please click on the following link to find details of the intended closure of Church Road, due to commence on 4th March 2021 for 2 days. The closure is required for the safety of the public and workforce while Essex County Council undertakes carriageway patching.



Bus Services

 Passenger Information 

Service 13A 

(Chelmsford – Wickford) 

You may be aware of difficulties with Service 13A (Chelmsford- Wickford) using Short Lane and Park Lane in Ramsden Heath. Following customer and operator feedback, we intend for the bus to enter Ramsden Heath via Hawkswood Road and Dowsetts Lane instead of entering the village via Sudbury road. 

The nearest stop for residents of Park Lane and Short Lane will be Doverdale Close on Downham Road. 

The change will take place from Monday 01 March 2021. if you have any concerns regarding this revised route or need more information then please contact or call 0345 603 7631 by 01 February 2021. 

First Bus Services: 10 – 13 – 14 – 94 from Jan 2020

NIBS Service 552 Restart

This service will be re-instated to the pre-covid timetable from Monday 10th August 2020.

From Ramsden Heath at 0619, 0647 & 0717 .

From Billericay Station at 1805, 1830, 1900 & 1935.

Services 256 / 257 Effective September 2020

Click to access Service-256-257-changes-01-09-2020.pdf