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Welcome and Announcements

Welcome to the online home of South Hanningfield Parish Council, Essex


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  1. Get Involved with Chelmsford City Council
  2. Essex Fraud Alert – Covid 19 related scams
  3. Road closure in Downham Road beginning Monday Aug 3 2020
  4. Chelmsford City Council – Consultation on Community Involvement on Planning
  5. Free Walks in Essex
  6. Corona Virus Information
  7. Recent planning applications
  8.  Traffic Announcements
  9. Bus Services


1 Get Involved and have you say with Chelmsford City Council

There’s never been a better time to live a more involved life.

The pandemic has caused a lot of damage – to people’s lives and wellbeing, to the economy and even to the services and businesses close to your home in Chelmsford. But in some ways, it has also brought us closer together.

There are opportunities too, and you have the opportunity to help shape how Chelmsford looks in the future. If you’ve never been involved much in local democracy, now is a great time to start.


What’s happening at Chelmsford City Council?

It’s no secret that the coronavirus pandemic has had a big impact on everyone’s finances. Local councils are no exception.

In June, the City Council announced that it expects its budget to have a shortfall of around £8.6 million this year. Last month, the estimate went up to £9.5 million.

Why does this matter to you?

The City Council manages a lot of essential services in Chelmsford. That includes…
– helping people who are threatened with homelessness
– keeping the streets clean
– emptying bins and collecting recycling
– enforcing against people who fly-tip and behave antisocially
– looking after parks and green spaces
– educating young people about the dangers of gangs
– managing the city cemetery
– working out what is built where and making sure there’s infrastructure to support it

This is all on a tight budget…

Local councils no longer receive big grants from Government to provide these services and your City Council only keeps 11% of your Council Tax. Normally, income from car parks, theatres, museums and leisure centres helps to pay for it all – but the pandemic has wiped much of this year’s income out.

So a big budget gap means that tough decisions are being made to protect the most vital services. This is relevant to everyone in Chelmsford. We will keep you informed through this newsletter and the @ChelmsCouncil Facebook and Twitter pages – and if you would like to be part of local decision-making, why not attend one of the Council’s public meetings?

Be part of local democracy

All our meetings are now virtual. They cover all kinds of decisions, from granting events licenses and planning permission to deciding which services get the most funding.

Each meeting starts with a Public Question Time, then moves on to talk about different issues one by one. The topics for discussion are set in advance on an agenda, and there are usually documents which the councillors read before the meeting so they’re well-informed before they make decisions.

The agendas and documents are public, so you can read them too.

It’s up to you how you take part. You can just watch, or if there is something you want to talk about, you can request to speak and ask the councillors a question.

Find out more on the Chelmsford City Council website.

Join in Chelmsford’s VJ Day celebration

There are many other ways that you can be more active in your local area – you can do kind things for others in your community, be creative or take part in events. We would like to invite you to be part of VJ Day 75 in Chelmsford.

15 August marks 75 years since Japan surrendered to the Allies, ending the Second World War.

The Mayor of Chelmsford, Councillor Jude Deakin, is inviting people to join her in remembering VJ Day by making origami birds in the form of cranes. They will be sent to the Japanese embassy and made into a paper wreath for the Children’s Peace Monument in the Hiroshima Memorial Peace Park.

You can download a tutorial on the City Council website. Please send your cranes in by Monday 24 August.



Essex Fraud Alert


2. Road closure at Downham Road, Ingatestone to support drainage works

 We would like to make you aware that arrangements have been made to carry out drainage works on Downham Road at the junction of Stock Road and going southbound stopping just before Lower Stock Road. Works will take place from Monday 3 August 2020 and expected to take approximately four weeks to complete.

This will involve drainage investigation works and either repair or replace where needed. In addition, we will also will clear the ditches to relive the flooding along Downham Road. 

In order to support these works it will be necessary to close Downham Road for the duration of the works however, access will be maintained throughout. During working hours, banksmen will be at either end of the closure to guide traffic through. Overnight the works will be protected by barriers and access only signs will be in place.

Works will take place Monday to Sunday between the hours of 8am to 5pm.

Residents/Businesses in the immediate vicinity will shortly receive a letter providing further details (example letter attached).

Details of other works in the area can be viewed from (formerly

Click to access SCI-POSTER.pdf

Free Walks in Essex

Have a look at Walking in Essex (  which has hundreds of FREE walks to download and print plus details of all the walking clubs in the country and loads more information.

<a href=>Walking in Essex</a> Hundreds of FREE walks to download, details of all the books, maps and walking groups in the county



Coronavirus update – May 15,2020

A message from Leader of Essex County Council, Cllr David Finch

Dear resident,

Following on from the government’s announcement of the gradual easing of some of the restrictions of lockdown, Essex County Council has begun its own work to gradually reintroduce some services.

The new #StayAlert guidance is by its nature more complex than what it replaced. Necessarily so, because we are entering a more complex phase of the national response to COVID-19. Advice and guidance to businesses and individuals must guide individual choices and actions.

In Essex, from Monday, 15 recycling centres will open, but with a reduced service because of social distancing. Further details are in this newsletter and on our website.

We are also working with primary schools and early years settings to help them plan how they will return. This will be phased, gradual and small-scale, from 1 June.

In our town and city centres, where there is less motor traffic and the safest way to get to and from work is walking or by bicycle, we are beginning work to put temporary cycle lanes in place, and expand footpaths so that people have more room to socially-distance. We will be talking to local councils and cycling groups about the potential locations for such lanes in the coming days and weeks.

Cllr David Finch

Leader, Essex County Council

Changes to our services

Our website includes information on what you should do, the latest changes to our services and how you can get help in your community.

Recycling centres opening

15 recycling centres in Essex will be open from Monday 18 May. Only waste and recycling which cannot be stored at home without causing a health or safety risk will be accepted.

You should only visit a recycling centre if absolutely necessary. The safest way to get rid of your waste and recycling is using your kerbside collection.

New restrictions and social distancing measures will be in place to ensure the safety of all residents and site staff. Please check for up to date information before travelling.

Preparing for phased school reopening

The government has announced that schools, colleges and early years settings could begin to reopen to more pupils from 1 June, subject to set conditions being met, such as the infection rate continuing to fall. This will initially apply to reception, year one, year six, and year 12 pupils.

We are supporting education settings with their preparations for this phased reopening. In line with guidance, any return will take place on a small-scale basis, with a focus on the health and safety of pupils, families and staff.

Schools and other settings will be contacting parents and carers with details of their arrangements in the coming weeks.

To find out more you can view our news article or read the government guidance for parents and carers.

Support now available for people who are feeling isolated or vulnerable

Are you feeling isolated or vulnerable?

Don’t have help from family, friends, neighbours or your local community?

The Essex Welfare Service (EWS) is ready to support you, regardless of age, health or circumstance.

We are working with partners including Carers First, ECL Sensory, Royal Mencap and Community Agents Essex to provide information and advice on:

  • mental wellbeing
  • caring responsibilities
  • learning disability/autism
  • dementia care
  • sensory impairment
  • keeping physically active

If you or someone you know needs support you can request supportrefer someone for support or phone 0300 303 9988.

Don’t call, click!

The coronavirus situation has caused a lot of uncertainty, but we’re here to help.

Our website is the quickest and easiest way to find the information you need. It’s regularly updated with changes to our services. From the latest information about registrations to guidance on marriage and civil partnership ceremonies, you’ll find details on our website.

Save time and check online for updates. You can also help family and friends who don’t have access to the internet by checking for them too.

Key workers carrying out essential work

Key workers are currently undertaking essential work on our telecommunications network. We ask that you please help support these engineers by respecting the important work they are doing on both network installation and maintenance. Any instances of abuse will be reported to network operators.

A revolution for footways and cycle paths

Cycling and walking will be at the forefront of getting the county moving again. We are planning to expand the cycle path and footway network in town and city centres across the county. This will allow people to cycle or walk to work or shops more easily and help with social distancing.

Plans are being developed for a number of areas in Essex. More details will made available over the coming weeks.



19 March 2020

Dear Resident,

I am writing to advise that in conjunction with the Parish Council, a group of residents have kindly offered their services to deliver food parcels and collect medication from pharmacies for anyone who needs help within the Parish during these worrying times.

We are working with local stores to deliver essential grocery packs, such as bread, milk, tea, toilet roll, tissues, eggs, soup, biscuits etc…..  These packs will cost £20 and £30.  We will also try to cater for food allergies. 

All initial communication will be made via myself, and if you require any assistance, I will filter this through to the volunteer who resides nearer to your home.  We have a total of 30 volunteers covering all three wards, Ramsden Heath, Downham and South Hanningfield.

The volunteers will also be available via telephone, should you wish to contact them directly.  We are currently seeing if we can purchase some I.D for the volunteers, if this is not possible within the time frame, they will be supplied with my business card.

If this is a service you feel you would like to use, please contact me on 07985-430365, as I may be working from home and not from the Parish Office.

I would also advise that Hall & Co, Hemming Stores Too and the Fox & Hounds are currently offering a delivery service.

If the above is not a service you would use, but you need help or assistance of another nature, please do not hesitate to contact me and we will try to help.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Julie Moule

Clerk to the Council

South Hanningfield Parish Council

Recent Planning Applications


Traffic Announcements



Bus Services

First Bus Services: 10 – 13 – 14 – 94 from Jan 2020



NIBS Service 552 Restart

This service will be re-instated to the pre-covid timetable from Monday 10th August 2020.

From Ramsden Heath at 0619, 0647 & 0717 .

From Billericay Station at 1805, 1830, 1900 & 1935.

Services 256 / 257 Effective September 2020

Click to access Service-256-257-changes-01-09-2020.pdf