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The Allotment site is a Registered Charity (252568) for which the Council are Trustees.

The Allotment Gardens are sited in Heath Road, Ramsden Heath CM11 1NA.

The Council appoint aWorking Party to run the site as indicated by the Rules and Conditions,

a copy is attached here.

The main port of call is our Clerk, Julie Moule, so please contact her with any questions.

There are 219 plots in total.

The  current annual cost is £12.50 for residents of the Parish and £20.00 for non-residents.

These are lovely Allotments with some plot holders being members for over 20+ years.

If anyone is interested in renting a plot, please contact Julie.

Allotment Working Party members:

Michael Thomason, Susan Walker, Gillian Bonnett, Neil Mitchell


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