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Parks and Open Spaces


The Parks and Open Spaces Committee is responsible for overseeing the maintenance of public areas in the 3 villages of Ramsden Heath, Downham and South Hanningfield.

These areas consist of the Tye and playground in South Hanningfield, Jubilee Gardens, the dovecote and the pond near the village hall in Downham and the recreation ground, war memorial, Norton Meadows and Dowsett’s Ride in Ramsden Heath.

As well as grass and hedge cutting, ditch clearance and general upkeep, the committee is also responsible for the maintenance of bus shelters, village signs, notice boards, benches and litter bins in the 3 villages.

The Parks and Open Spaces Committee meets 3 or 4 times a year and spends a morning walking round the parish making a note of any work that needs to be done. This is then passed on through Julie Moule, the clerk, to the groundsmen and maintenance team who carry it out.

As well as overseeing this general maintenance, the committee also undertakes larger scale projects such as playground improvements and tree planting.

Committee Members:

Susan Walker (Chairman), Clive Vallis (Vice-Chairman),

Neil Mitchell, Bob Burgess


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