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Roy Whitehead

Roy Whitehead, Conservative Councillor for South Hanningfield at Chelmsford City Council.

Roy Whitehead

I have lived in Ramsden Heath for nearly 40 years with my wife Jacquie. Our son David attended Downham School & KEGS and I was a Governor of Downham for many years.

First elected to Chelmsford Council in 1999, I was  honoured to have been elected Leader of the Council in 2003 and over the next sixteen years led the transformation of the town – which became the first city in Essex in 2012 – and the development of the rural areas.  My particular speciality is property and finance and residents will be aware that despite successive governments cutting Chelmsford’s Grants over the years, the City Council has a sound financial base and no borrowing.

However, the impact of Covid 19 has affected all of us and the City Council has lost large amounts of income from charges for car parking, Leisure and weddings at Hylands, so the years ahead may be more difficult.

I have been a Parish Councillor for South Hanningfield for many years and chair the Finance Committee. I am pleased to say that the Parish Council finances are in very good shape. I also attend Parish Council meetings at Stock and Margaretting when time permits, working in partnership with my fellow ward Councillor Ian Grundy.

You can contact Roy by email here.